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SAMSUNG 带你吃喝玩乐! is an 8-Episode Video Production featuring Gen MZ-centric locations commissioned by Samsung Singapore, with the aim of showcasing the features of the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Each episode features a Eat / Drink / Play / Fun location and also incorporates a Samsung-themed challenge that showcases the different features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Weekly giveaways (1 x Galaxy Buds2 Pro) and a Grand Lucky Draw (1 x Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) were held to entice viewers to watch the full series.

The series was uploaded on Jest Media’s social platforms (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube), and then shared on Jeff’s social platforms (Instagram and Facebook), Samsung’s Instagram (Instagram stories), as well as the respective venue’s Instagram accounts (Instagram stories).

SAMSUNG 带你吃喝玩乐!

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